St. Patrick’s Day Menu Ideas

Thickened green gelatin is a simple and festive treat that your patients will adore.

Simply combine 4oz of pre-set gelatin and SimplyThick® EasyMix™, based upon desired consistency.
Process until thoroughly mixed.
Spoon product into serving dish and enjoy!

Thickened Shamrock Shake


Let 1 cup vanilla ice cream soften. Then, put in blender with 2-(12g) Moderately Thick Packets of SimplyThick and blend until mixed. Set aside.

Thicken 1 cup of milk by adding SimplyThick EasyMix per desired thickness and stirring for 30 seconds. (2-(6g) Mildly Thick Packets OR 2-(12g) Moderately Thick Packets)

Add 1/8 tsp mint extract and 4 drops food coloring to thickened milk.

Add thickened milk mixture to the thickened ice cream and blend.

Serve and enjoy.