Single serve microvable trays
Meets IDDSI Level 4 Dysphagia Diet
Proven more cost effective
No MSG or MSG like substitutes

Three dimensional, shaped purees for IDDSI Level 4 diets

  • The most extensive line of three dimensional molded purees on the market
  • Single serve, microwaveable trays
  • No MSG or MSG like substitutes
  • Clean ingredient labels
  • Meets IDDSI Level 4

Cafe Puree is made from real foods while providing the consistency for texture modified foods. We use great ingredients and have visually appealing shapes to create a range of appetizing purees which deliver the look, taste and aroma to maximize patient consumption.

9 grams of protein
200 calories
Thaw and serve single serve trays

Reduce supplement waste and taste fatigue with Cafe Parfait desserts

  • A bold new supplement suitable for the dysphagia diet
  • Great tasting ‘cheesecake’ like desserts that eliminate the boredom of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry shakes
  • Appropriate for IDDSI Level 4 diets

Cafe Parfait is made with real food while providing the consistency needed for texture modified diets. Visually appealing shapes are sure to create a range of appetizing desserts which deliver the look and taste to maximize patient consumption.

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Cafe Products Available:

  • Cafe Puree Breakfast
  • Cafe Puree Meat
  • Cafe Puree Special
  • Cafe Puree Vegetables
  • Cafe Puree Fruits
  • Cafe Parfait Desserts