FruitRite® is a delicious fruit spread made from prunes, dates, raisins and juice. It is a terrific way to add flavour and nutrients to your menu.

As part of a healthy diet:

  • as a spread on toast, bagels, crackers, scones, or muffins
  • stirred into hot cereal or yogurt
  • in peanut butter and FruitRite sandwiches
  • many people take their medications with FruitRite

As a food ingredient:

  • as a fat/sugar substitute in various baked goods
  • as an ingredient in sauces, marinades and salad dressings
  • adds flavour, texture and nutrients

A spoonful of FruitRite….helps the medicine go down

  • many people take their medication (singular) with FruitRite
  • increases patient compliance with ease
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